AC Pipe Freezing – What to Do?

If a pipe in your air conditioning unit freezes, you might know how to fix it. However, if you’re like many people, you don’t know how to fix household items and/or you are too busy to do so. Some people want to start fixing things on their own, but a word to the wise: fixing a frozen pipe on your own can lead to disaster – you may break the pipe and cause damage to the whole unit. Even worse, you might break the whole AC unit. Why risk a break when you have a nearby company to diagnose and repair the unit for you? 

Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating has been in business since 1975. Their business, though, has evolved with the times, and Ellis offers environmentally safe and responsible HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units and replacement parts. Ellis has parts and units from Carrier, one of the world’s premier HVAC manufacturers. However, don’t be concerned if your unit isn’t Carrier – Ellis will service any model and make. 

So what, specifically, happens when an Ellis representative comes to service your HVAC unit? First of all, the HVAC repair specialist will assess the frozen pipe – cause, best course of repair, etc. If frozen pipes in your AC unit are a usual thing, the diagnostician may recommend a new unit. If you opt to keep your unit and are still concerned about recurring repair costs, you can set up a service agreement with Ellis. In a service agreement, representatives come regularly to check your HVAC unit. If you regularly have problems with frozen pipes in AC units, this can be a preventive measure. 

While paying for a service agreement may seem like just another monthly cost, it saves a lot of money in the long run. Service agreement costs pale in comparison to the costs incurred when a unit breaks or has an issue.Moreover, without a service agreement, you can have repairs done on a call-in basis. With a service agreement, by contrast, you have all the advantages of preventive maintenance, something that saves large amounts of money after awhile. Technicians who specialize in HVAC units can notice potential problems that the average homeowner misses. Being stuck with no AC in the summer – a time when pipes tend to freeze – can be highly undesirable, especially in a heat wave or general extreme heat. 

One of the advantages of having Ellis service your HVAC is that they can get broken machines working very quickly. For particularly expensive repairs and purchasing of new machines, Ellis offers financing options as well. When you get frozen pipes in air conditioning units, you understandably want a fast fix. If you’re in Dallas and need an HVAC unit replaced, serviced, or anything else, call Ellis. If you want to maximize home efficiency, you can talk to a representative about insulation options to make your HVAC unit more efficient and cost-efficient. Call Ellis today and schedule a maintenance or repair. Be amazed at the money you will save.

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