AC Repair Arlington Keeps Consumers Cool

An effectively operating air conditioning system can keep occupants of a home or business cool during the hot North Texas summers.  In addition to reducing the heat in the building, the system also lowers humidity.  It can transform a sticky hot house into a cool comfortable place in which to live.  AC repair Arlington provides the needed services to keep systems operating correctly all summer long.

One of the best ways to ensure the home remains comfortable regardless of the humidity and heat outdoors is to call a company offering AC repair Arlington homeowners can trust for preventative maintenance.  During this service call, the technician works through the system to ensure all components are working correctly.  The service includes professional cleaning of the heat exchanger coils both inside and outside the home.  Keeping coils clean ensures they offer the most effective heat transfer and greater efficiency.  In addition, the technician will check and balance the refrigerant levels in the system.  If refrigerant levels drop too low, the system cannot provide sufficient cooling for the home.  Low refrigerant levels make the system work harder to provide the necessary cooling.  On warm days, systems with low levels may allow temperatures inside the home to increase due to heat outside.  The technician will also inspect the mechanical elements of the system.  This includes fans, blowers and compressors.  If the mechanics of the system fail, it will not cool the home.  Finally, the technician will inspect the electrical elements of the system, including thermostats, relays and wiring.  In North Texas, fire ants are often attracted to the electrical elements of the air conditioning unit.  If they fill the contacts, they can prevent the compressor from engaging and cooling the home.  The technician can check for these and other problems that keep the system from providing the proper cooling.  Problems are repaired before the system is under the stress of August heat.

Annual maintenance is required by most manufacturers to keep the warranty on a HVAC system in effect.  Keeping the warranty in effect is vital to homeowners who can suffer financial setbacks if the AC system fails and must be replaced.  Many manufacturers offer an extended warranty on compressors that receive annual service.  The compressor on many systems will fail prematurely and can be very expensive to replace.  

Annual maintenance also ensures the system is working at top efficiency.  With energy costs continuing to rise, most homeowners cannot afford to lose system efficiency.  However, those who do not service their AC system lose approximately 10% efficiency every year.  Owners that go to the expense of replacing an older inefficient unit with a high efficiency AC unit will see their savings melt away unless the new unit is properly serviced.

Even though homeowners take precautions and have preventative maintenance on their cooling systems, there are times that breakdowns occur.  When systems stop functioning, the quick response of an AC Repair Arlington company such as Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating can restore the cooling system quickly.  This company offers same day repairs in most cases.  They have served the DFW area since 1975.

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