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The proper maintenance of an air conditioning system keeps it operating at peak efficiency. AC units in a home that are regularly maintained typically operate all summer without any problems. A homeowner will see many benefits to having maintenance performed on the AC unit every spring. Maintenance of a home air conditioning system needs to be done before the unit is used in the summer.

Early Problem Detection

Regular maintenance performed by an air conditioner Grand Prairie, TX company will ensure an AC unit has no potential problems. We will examine the unit and look for small problems that may lead to a major issue if not addressed. Stress that is placed on an AC unit in the summer often leads to a small problem becoming a major issue.

Maintain System Efficiency

Home air conditioning systems start to lose efficiency after the first year of operation. A typical unit for a home can lose up to 5 percent of its efficiency each year it is used. Regular maintenance on the unit is able to restore a unit to 93 percent efficiency or more. Air conditioning systems running at 93 percent efficiency will help to keep monthly utility bills low.

Reduce Energy Costs

Regular maintenance of an air conditioning unit will allow it to use less energy to produce the levels of comfort set on the thermostat. If an AC unit is working harder to cool the home, then it will need to use more energy. This will cause an increase in utility bills during hot summer months. The examination of the air conditioning system will detect incorrect pressures and temperature output.

Reduce Repair Costs

The internal components of an air conditioning system will eventually fail if they are not maintained. A repair technician will visually inspect the AC unit and detect any worn parts. If worn parts are found in the unit, then they will be replaced. The technician also adjusts the belts, checks operating temperatures, and will oil the fan motors. This is done to ensure the unit does not break down and require repairs when it is needed on a hot summer day.

Increase System Longevity

Air conditioning systems that continue to run at peak efficiency will be less likely to have breakdowns that require significant repairs. This is one major benefit of regular maintenance that is performed by a local air conditioning Grand Prairie, TX company. Homeowners who have their AC unit maintained on a regular basis are able to extend the life of their unit.

Improved Air Quality

The components of an air conditioning system that become dirty over time will not produce clean air. If air quality in the home is important, then regular maintenance will ensure improved air quality. A home with an air conditioning system will have ducts that can get dirty over time. The AC unit may also have a dirty air filter. Keeping air ducts clean and replacing a dirty air filter are tasks that we will perform during routine maintenance of an air conditioning system.

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