The Great Thermostat Debate: Should Your Home be Warm or Cold?

The thermostat is a common source of contention in many households. Any time you move in with a new roommate or partner, you need to establish a set point for the temperature. This can become a heated debate if you are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Regardless of your personal opinion, there are facts

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How to Choose an HVAC Repair and Maintenance Company

When your air conditioner or heating system suddenly stops working, you don’t want to waste time finding a company to fix your home’s unit. The process of picking a reliable HVAC repair company doesn’t have to be complicated if you search smart. Decide what services you need and then structure your search. Here are a

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Effects of Indoor Air Pollutants on Pregnancy

Expecting mothers often make changes to ensure their bodies are healthy. This is to make sure their body is healthy enough to carry a child and that their child will be born healthy. It’s common knowledge that whatever the mom goes through, the baby also experiences. That’s why it’s smart to take precautions to avoid

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Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Heat

Texans are currently experiencing an unprecedented winter storm. People are increasingly wary of car accidents, power outages, and problems with heating their homes. Many homeowners in the south depend upon heat pumps to heat and cool their homes. This is because it’s an incredibly effective method in mild climates. However, with snow and ice building

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Winter Power Outage Survival Guide

Power outages can be a scary experience. It can be made worse when you also have to combat freezing temperatures. However, you don’t have to just sit in your cold, dark house and hope the power comes on before you freeze. With sufficient planning you and your loved ones can come out of the ordeal

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