High Energy Bills? Disconnect These Common Energy Leeches

With summer getting closer, everyone is wondering what they can do to reduce their energy bills. Since you’ll probably be getting a lot more use out of your AC system, you’ll want to cut other electric costs where you can. Look for these energy leeches around your home and disconnect as many as you can to reduce your electric bill as much as possible.

Unplug Unused Chargers and Devices

Did you know that chargers, electronics, and lights suck up electricity when they’re plugged in, even if they aren’t turned on? You could be paying a higher price for electricity you don’t even use! Combat this by going around your house and checking every socket. If any chargers, electronics, lights, or appliances are plugged in but aren’t being used, unplug them to save money. If you live with other people, talk to them about unplugging anything they aren’t using. If the whole house is working to keep unused things unplugged, you could save up to $100 a year on your electric bill. It might seem like a hassle to plug every lamp or appliance back in before you use it, but do you really want to pay more for power you aren’t even utilizing?

Invest in Smart Power Strips

If you don’t want to plug some devices in every time you use them, you can invest in smart power strips. These power strips come with a switch so you can turn them off wherever you don’t need to use whatever’s plugged into them. When you turn the strip off, it won’t suck up any more electricity until you turn it on again. These power strips are great for lamps, televisions, coffee makers, microwaves, and anything else you don’t want to constantly plug in.

Be Mindful About Your HVAC System

Even in the scorching summer heat, try to be mindful about when you use your HVAC system. Try turning the air conditioning off before leaving your home, or setting it a few degrees higher so it doesn’t use as much electricity. You could also invest in blackout curtains to keep the sunlight from making your home even warmer, and try switching to cooling satin bed sheets once it starts getting hot outside. If you haven’t had an HVAC inspection in over a year, your system might not be running as efficiently as it could be. Schedule yearly HVAC inspections and maintenance, and educate yourself on the telltale signs of a broken or malfunctioning system. 

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems With Ellis AC

If your HVAC system is driving your utility bill up, it might be time for maintenance or repairs. At Ellis AC, our licensed HVAC technicians are trained to do everything they can to make your system as energy efficient as possible with quality repairs and maintenance. If your system is getting old, Ellis AC can replace it with a brand new, energy efficient system so you can enjoy being comfortable in your home without paying high electricity bills. Call or visit our website for a free quote today!

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