What Causes Summer HVAC Breakdowns?

Nobody wants to experience an HVAC breakdown during the summer heat, especially in places like Texas. Unfortunately, breakdowns are more likely to occur during the summer for many reasons, which is why summer is usually the busiest time of the year for HVAC experts. Here’s everything you need to know about summertime HVAC breakdowns, why they happen, and what you can do to prevent them. 

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Why Summer Is Rough On Your HVAC

The harsh summer heat and humidity makes summer the best time to use your HVAC system, but it also puts your system at a higher risk of breaking down. During the summer months, you’re relying on your HVAC system to make drastic temperature changes to keep you comfortable. Your HVAC is also running more often, which means it can get overworked and start to break down. On top of that, the sun can damage your outdoor unit and cause long term problems that should be addressed right away.

Common Summer HVAC Problems

One problem you might encounter during the summer is with your refrigerant. The heat can cause your refrigerant lines and coils to develop tiny holes which leak refrigerant over time, leading to low refrigerant charge. Low refrigerant charge means your system has to work harder to cool the air, which takes longer and wastes energy.

Poor air flow is another common problem, and it can be caused by many different factors. Vegetation growing around your outdoor unit could prevent air intake, and running your system more often means your filter can slow airflow if it isn’t changed more often than usual. 

Lastly, electrical components can get damaged in the heat. If you notice strange sounds or smells coming from your system, or if it starts to quickly decline, you might be dealing with electrical issues. 

How To Prevent Summer HVAC Breakdowns

The best way to prevent summer HVAC problems is to have your system maintenanced during Spring. Your repair team will be able to identify and fix any problems that might make your system more likely to break down in the summer heat, and they’ll be able to tell you how to take care of your system throughout the warmer months. If your HVAC system is old, you should consider having it repaired or replaced before summertime hits. 

Even with spring maintenance, you never know when the summer heat will cause problems for your HVAC system. If your HVAC breaks down, call a professional and schedule an emergency repair right away. The longer you wait to address HVAC issues, the worse they’ll get.

Quality HVAC Maintenance And Repairs With Ellis AC

Whether you need maintenance, inspections, replacements or repairs, Ellis AC is here to help. Our team of licensed HVAC technicians will take the time to diagnose and treat the entire issue so you can get back to being comfortable in your home. We’ll keep you informed on what we’re doing every step of the way, and we focus on educating you to take the best care of your system. Call or visit our website today for a free quote!

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