Why is Your Air Conditioning Running All the Time?

Knowing how much AC is too much can be a challenge. There are normal explanations for an overactive air conditioning system, like when it’s hotter outside or when your thermostat is set too low. Still, an air conditioner that runs all the time can spike your electric bill and it might be a sign of a bigger issue with your HVAC system as a whole. Here’s everything you need to know about why your air conditioning might be running all the time.

Normal Causes

Before assuming something is wrong with your air conditioning, think about the very normal reasons this may be happening. Air conditioning typically runs more frequently during the spring and summer months when the difference between your thermostat and the outdoor temperature is at its highest. This causes the system to run for longer periods of time to reach your desired indoor temperature. However, you should still be able to hear your system turn off and on.

When it Becomes a Problem

There are some indicators that your AC is running too often. If you literally never hear your air conditioning turn off, this isn’t normal. Your AC should be turning off and on throughout the day, even if it’s running more often. 

If your electric bill spikes, your air conditioning might be using more electricity than normal to cool your home. This can indicate a problem in the system that makes it less energy efficient.

Lastly, if your system is running all the time but still isn’t cooling your home to meet the thermostat temperature, you should contact an HVAC repair team right away.

Reasons Your AC Might be Running All the Time

One possible cause of this problem is poor airflow. This can be caused by a dirty filter, blocked or closed vents, a poor motor, or leaks in the ductwork. You can test this by holding your hand to a vent. If you feel a weak stream of cold air, start by changing your filter and checking your vents for any blockages. If that doesn’t work, you should call an HVAC professional to repair your system.

Another cause could be a refrigerant leak. Refrigerants aren’t supposed to run out, so if your refrigerant is low it’s most likely a leak. An HVAC professional can fix a refrigerant leak for you.

Lastly, a constantly running AC system could be a symptom of an old HVAC system that needs to be replaced. The average HVAC system lasts approximately 15 years with regular maintenance. If your system is over ten years old and has to work harder and run longer to cool your home, it might be time to get a replacement.

HVAC Maintenance and Repairs With Ellis AC

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